Italy : Perfect vacation destination

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If you want to explore art, variety of food,wine,breezing islands, and museums then you must land up taking vacation in Italy.While most travellers want a taste of all of it, everyone has their own vision of the perfect Italy, and everyone comes looking for different things.

The art:

 Italy is home to 40% of the art in the worl

This is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the home of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian, Donatello, Giotto—the list goes on and on !!

The ancient world :

There’s the lure of the Caesars, those ruins of ancient Rome: TheColosseum, Roman Forum, ancient Roman ghost cities of PompeiiHerculaneum, and Ostia Antica. Some of the best-preserved Greek temples  in the world are actually in Sicily, which was once a part of Ancient Greece.

The Food, Wine, Countryside, and People :

Then there’s the wine—Chianti  Brunello, Barolo—and the amazing food.

The people are ridiculously friendly and the countryside is straight out of Renaissance painting: low-slung hills striped with vines and crowned with medieval hilltowns and castles.

And we all wish we could live that laid-back Italian lifestyle of La Dolce Vita, “the Sweet Life.”

The Italians don’t live to work, they work to live—and what they live for is to eat excellent food, drink fine wine, make sublime art, and perfect the practice of romance.

La bel far’ niente :

The lesser-known cousin to Italy’s life philosophy of la dolce vita is the bel far’ niente—”the beauty of doing nothing.”

One of Italy’s joys is its ability to surprise you with the unexpected—a devoted beach hound might become enthralled by Renaissance art, and a confirmed beer drinker will discover his inner wine snob.But on that road to discovering the Italy you never knew you’d fall in love with, you do have to make some plans ahead of time. We’re going to make things easier for you.

Here’s where to head:

1) RomeRome is the Eternal City of piazze (squares) and your morning cappuccino in the local bar; of long, leisurely dinners and buzzing motor scooters; of cobblestoned streets, medieval quarters, fashionable evening strolls, Renaissance palaces, and splashing fountains

.What you can enjoy in Rome:

2) Florence: Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance. From the late 14th through late 16th centuries in Florence, an era of humanist thought, classical ideals initiated a creative boom that resounded throughout Europe, rang the death knell of the Middle Ages, and would eventually come to be called the Renaissance, a “rebirth” of culture, thought, art, and music.

What you can enjoy:

3) Venice: Venice is a city of stone built on the water—or at least on the marshy mudflats of a lagoon—a feat of engineering and determination if ever there was one.Imagine a city of 118 islands threaded by 180 canals, these watery roads lined by Gothic-filagreed palazzi, spanned by 409 lithe footbridges, and plied by fleets of crooked-nose, coffin-black gondolas.

What  you can enjoy:

4) Rimini The biggest beach resort on the Adriatic Sea, Rimini is a favored Italian seaside holiday destination for Italians themselves. The city offers an impressive nine miles of beaches, though many of these have private access for the scores of hotels facing the shore. The old town, about a 15-minute walk inland, has many interesting sights, including the Arch of Augustus from 27 BC, and Tiberius Bridge from the early 1st century. Rimini also boasts many great restaurants and an energetic nightlife.

What you can enjoy:

  • One can visit historic places,ancient ruins,Churches and cathedrals,Arenas and stadiums
  • You can visit the beaches and enjoy boat tours.Also one can engage themselves in Scuba and Snorkelling.
  • If you are an adventure freak then you must try Zipline and Aerial adventure parks.
  • One shoppaholic can also visit local shopping market for speciality and gifts,art galleries and farmers market.

5) Sorrento :Land of Mermaids. Land of Orange and Lemon Groves. Land of Colors. This small city in Campania has earned a plethora of alluring names. Famed for its sea cliffs, the town’s steep slopes look out over azure waters to Ischia, Capri and the Bay of Naples. The birthplace of Limoncello liquour offers some good diving, great sea fishing, boat cruises and appetizing restaurants. Excellent hiking trails cross the peninsula. Rent a car or take a taxi if the steep streets look too intimidating.

What you can enjoy:

  • You can hire a taxi Limousine for a tour in the city,or historic and heritage tours according to your preference.
  • One can visit Wineries and eateries.
  • Visitors can also engage themselves in water sports like Kayaking,Scuba,Snorkelling, speed boat tours and Canoeing.
  • there are various night life pubs to enjoy and unwind yourself from day out hectic tours.
  • Never to forget good food always add to make the vacations memorable.

Besides the above five, one can also consider the following places to visit:

Selva di Val Gardena :Escape to the Alps with a luxurious ski vacation in Selva di Val Gardena. Gorgeous mountains loom over world-class hotels and quaint B&Bs, all dedicated to giving you the most indulgent stay imaginable. Local craftsmen pore over intricate wood carvings that have come to epitomize the artistry of Selva di Val Gardena. Of course, winter sports are the purest art form here, with perfect powder for skiers and snowboarders to plow through.

Positano Once a vital part of a mighty sea power, Positano is today a sophisticated resort on the central Amalfi Coast. Moorish-style architecture rises up steep slopes that gaze out on the Sirenuse Islands. Smart boutiques, selling fashions for visitors to display on Grand Beach, abound in the village. And it’s a great base for exploring the area—you can easily travel by boat to Capri, Ischia and the Grotta dello Smeraldo cave.

Taormina: Volcanic Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea provide the cinema-worthy backdrop for Taormina, Sicily’s legendary resort town. Twisting mediaeval streets and a second-century Greek theatre add to its romantic air, which inspired the writings of D.H. Lawrence and Truman Capote. Take a cable car to the beach, or walk uphill behind the Church of St. Joseph for panoramic views.

Naples Romantic Naples, two hours south of Rome, is the largest city in southern Italy. It has some of the world’s best opera houses and theatres, and is often called an open-air museum, because of its many historic statues and monuments. Join families on promenade as the sun sets on the Bay of Naples. View finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale or revel in the art and architecture of Museo Cappella Sansevero, built in the late 1500s.

Milan : History lovers should know that Milan is not all about trendy shops and designer clothes. Among the city’s many historical attractions are La Scala Opera, the Milan Cathedral, the National Museum of Science and Technology and Santa Maria della Grazie, the church that preserves da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

Turin: In Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, sports cars and chocolate are a matter of pride. The city is also home to the Museo Egizio, one of the most impressive collections of Egyptian artefacts in the world. A stroll around Piazza Castello and along the Via Roma encompasses many of the must-see sights. Valentino Park houses an 18th-century castle, botanic garden and medieval village. When you’ve worked up an appetite, visit a trattoria to sample pasta, regional wines and coffee.


Palermo : To the first-time visitor, Palermo is a city of ever-changing character. An abundance of dusty museums, Arabian domes and flourishes of baroque splendor jostle with boisterous markets, chaotic traffic and oppressive summer heat. The Sicilian hotspot is a noisy, polluted, often dangerous, but always fascinating city. Don’t miss marvels of Arab-Norman architecture, such as 12th-century Palazzo dei Normanni or San Giovanni degli Eremiti. Ask your hotel to arrange cabs and negotiate fares before setting off.



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